Why Choose Professional Pet Care?

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1.) Background and Experience

Almost everyone loves pets! So, why cant just anyone take care of yours? 

A trusted Pet Care Professional has experience far beyond just caring for pets of their own. 

2.) Insured

Pet Care Professionals are insured companies. This keeps you, your pet, and your home protected from accidents and dishonest persons.

3.) Emergency Backup Plans

In an emergency, do you trust that your friend who PROMISED to check on your dog will show up?

When choosing a trusted Pet Care Professional they have plans of emergency.

4.) Set Policies and Service Agreements

5.) Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

6.) Care Updates During Your Services

Professional Pet Care providers have structured ways that they share visit updates. You get constant updates about your home and pet while you are away, with messages, pictures, walk tracking maps, and more that give you the peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are in great hands and you can see that they are providing the services agreed upon and promised to you

7.) Taking the Pain out of Payments

Services and prices vary from one Pet Care company to the next. When choosing to book with a professional, you know what services will be provided, and how much that service will cost up front, with no surprises. This helps you to set your budget before your trip, because you know exactly how much is needed for the pet care before you even pack your bags! You will have an agreement up front of the total cost, when it is expected to be paid, and ways to pay it! Professional Pet Care providers offer simple ways for you to pay your invoice that make it convenient for you and the company. 

8.) Websites, Business Pages, References and Reviews

Transparency is key to trusting someone with what you care about the most! A Professional Pet Care servicer provides this by letting you get to know them before ever meeting them.

Reviews for the business across multiple platforms help show real client reviews and weed out padded information of fake reviews or friends and family only references.

9.) Team of Professionals

Many Professional Pet Care providers have more than one sitter/walker. This helps to ensure that care is provided given an emergency or extenuating circumstance leaving a solo sitter unavailable. 

A Professional company will make sure you get the opportunity to get to know the different sitters so you feel comfortable and trust that uniform, professional, and excellent care for your pet and home is being provided