What services do you offer?

We offer drop in visits and overnight care in your home, and dog walking.  These services allow your pets to stay where they are most comfortable while you are away, which helps minimize stresses that come from changes to a pets routine.

Whether it is for drop in visits or a walk during the day while you are away at work, or visits while you take a vacation- your pet gets to stay at home while still getting time, attention, and activities from us to keep them engaged, active and comfortable!

Louisiana's Pet Nanny Sarah

Servicing Lafayette, Youngsville and Broussard Areas 

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Transport and more!

Call us: 337-335-8330

Do you offer boarding?

We do not offer boarding or daycare- all of our services are based out of the client's home. This is great for pets and reduces stress caused by changes to their environments and routines.

How many visits a day do I need for my pet while I am on vacation?

Our build your visits structure allows you to chose from our menu of services we offer for a build your own experience based on your budget and your pets' needs. Adding as many visits and type of visit that your pet would benefit from as you would like! The possibilities are endless- able to add visits and walks throughout the day.

How many visits your pet requires per day when you are way varies greatly from one pet to the next. Some pets that are more active and social benefit from multiple visits, where as other pets prefer more alone time between visits. You also have to consider your pet's care needs, some dogs need potty breaks every few hours, others can hold it for longer durations. 

Most cats require at least one visit a day to provide fresh food, water, scoop their litterbox and spend time being social-time spent playing and being pet. For these kitties we would recommend one 30 min or hour long visit per day.

Some cats that are more picky about water or food being fresh,  or are very social and need more time with human interaction. These cats would benefit from multiple visits throughout the day.

For dogs, we recommend a minimum of three visits, or one overnight and a midday visit. This allows the dog plenty of potty breaks that the average dog can wait between visits during the day. We have plenty of time to fit in a walk, playtime, cuddles and social interaction to keep your dog stress free.  

Exotic pets usually require one visit a day to check their enclourse, clean any messes, clean bowls and provide fresh food and water. Some exotic pets, like reptiles, who's heat lamps are not on timers, might need two visits a day to turn the lights on in the morning, and off in the evening. Just consider what your pet requires per day when you are home.

What is a meet and greet?

We offer free Meet and Greets to all new clients for our first meeting! This gives us an opportunity to meet you and your pet in your home, go over the care your pet requires and show us spaces in the home that we will need to access. During the meet and greet, you are under no obligation to book our services, this meeting is to see if we are a good fit for you and your pet. Take this opportunity to go over all the details of the care required for your pet and your home and get to know our team and how we operate. This helps us to be sure we have the knowledge and know-how to meet and exceed your expectations so your pet gets the best experience possible while in our care.

How do I pay?

We offer multiple ways to pay to make it as simple and painless as possible. When you schedule a visit, your invoice is available immediately upon approval. Payment options are found at the bottom of the invoice, as well as in our Service Agreement. The easiest way to pay is right in the app, we offer Stripe payments through your client portal in Time to  Pet, this payment method is immediately applied to the invoice when submitted. Our other payment methods that we offer do take time to process and be applied to the invoice.

Payment for drop in visits and walks is due 24 hours before the first service of the invoice is rendered, payment for overnight care or any service dates that include a holiday is due upon approval of booked services.

How do I know my pets are in good hands?

Our team are Professional Pet Care providers. We have undergone training from Pet CPR and First Aid, pet behavior and body language, reactive dog seminar, cat behavior training, studied proper care of pets-including care for hedgehogs, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, bearded dragons and more. 

We have had first hand experience dealing with activity levels and behaviors, care needs, medication administration to pets with different needs

All of our staff have undergone background checks and have undergone thorough training to be prepared to provide perfect care for your pets.

We take pride in our work and truly love animals, and only want for them to be happy and healthy! We want our clients to rest assured that their pets and homes are in good hands and have no worries.

We believe in transparency, so feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you might have

How do I schedule?

We use a software that is specifically created for pet sitters and dog walker to make it easy for our clients to request services 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Just sign up for a free account- click here! If you are already a client that has used us before, Click here to access your portal, then click  "schedule". If you still have questions- try following this step by step guide to scheduling in our app

What is your service area?

We service most of the Lafayette, Youngsville, and Broussard area! See our Service Area map, if you are still not sure- reach out! We can check your location to see if you are in our service area, and if you are not- we have worked with and know sitters in other areas around us that might be able to help you and we can share their information with you!

How far into the calendar can I schedule a vacation?

We accept bookings as far out into the schedule as 2 years! Booking early guarantees our availibity, so it is better to book as soon as you know of your vacation plans!

How long of a walk does my dog need?

Thirty minute walks can benefit any dog, of any level of energy, size, or breed. We use your dog's pace to set our pace for these walks. If your dog can only handle a slow paced walk with a lot of sniffing and breaks, they will still benefit by getting moving and using their senses. Active dogs and more energetic or working breeds get a more fast paced walks, trying to keep them moving with fewer and shorter sniff breaks so they get the maximum benefit for them during their walk. Even young puppies benefit greatly from 30 minute casual walks- exposing them to sounds, sights and smells of new environments so the big world is not so scary to them anymore.

Hour long walks should be limited to more active pups. This duration of a walk can be hard on a dog that has not built up to this. If your dog has not been walked regularly, we recommend that you start with regular 30 minute walks and gradually move up to the hour long walk. Just make sure to tell us that hour long walks are desired goal for your dog and we will make a plan to help them get there! Dogs that are already being walked regularly can move right into hour long walks without fear. This is because our trained staff know and understand dog behavior and signs to watch for to keep your pet safe and healthy.

What do I need to have ready at my home before service?

We take the stress out of planning a stay-cation for your pet by sending out an emailed check list of things that we might need, as well as things your pet needs while we visit. Our pre-visit check list includes things you might not have thought of- like letting your emergency contact know about your travel plans, as well as checking batteries in electronic locks. It also suggests that you check your pet's medication, food, and other supplies to make sure we have enough for the duration of your trip, as well as a few extra days in case of emergency. 

Our list helps clients have the peace of mind that after reviewing the check list-their pet and home are ready when they are gone,  and they can focus on the important stuff, like deciding which outfits to pack and not forgetting their tooth brush

For dog walking, we ask that the client provides a proper fitting harness and leash for each dog. No retractable leashes please, this is for your pets and the walker's safety

Where do you take my dog for a walk?

We prefer to walk a client's dog in their own neighborhood. This keeps the dog comfortable with familiar sights, sounds and smells so we can focus on the walk and your pet enjoying the exercise. 

If we deem that it is not safe or you would prefer we take your pet to a park or another location- let the walker know at the meet and greet and we can make that happen!

Where do you transport my pet?

We offer transport to wherever your pet needs!

How do you transport my pet?

Our team has access to seat belt buckles to attach to harnesses, kennels of varying sizes, barriers to keep your pet contained to parts of the vehicle, and even dog steps to help your pet get into the vehicle. 

Your pets' safety during transport is our top priority and we always take precautions necessary to ensure that they are.

How do I get updates during service?

Each service-dog walking, pet sitting, transport, or overnight stay, you will get an update with pictures, detailed information about what we did during the visit, and updates on the home. These updates go straight to your client portal and email, so you wont be bombarded with 15 text messages three or more times each day while you are trying relax and enjoy your vacation- but if you are worried and want to check out cute pictures of your pets you still get the notification and the peace of mind that you know your pet and home are being cared for perfectly!

My pet cannot go on a walk, what activities will my pet be able to do with you?

Some pets cannot go on walks easily, the weather does not cooperate or just don't enjoy them, and that is fine! We still offer other activities that your pet will enjoy! We talk with you at the meet and greet to discuss your pet and their normal routine and their needs. This helps our sitters to know what Fido's favorite toy is, or know that he loves to play tug of war the most. By knowing your pet, we can understand how to best care for them. Our sitters also have access to things like puzzle toys, snuffle mats, and are trained on different interactive games using just what we have in your home to keep your pet entertained while using their mind and senses to burn energy and make your pet happy!

Will my home be taken care of while the company is caring for my pet?

Our policy is to leave the home in as good of a condition as we found it. This means we will be cleaning up behind ourselves before leaving, sweeping any hair your pet might have shed while being brushed or pet, wiping the counters where we spilled some food that we were preparing for your pet, picking up the toys that we took out to play with you pet and more. We also can open and shut blinds and curtains, rotate lights, bring in packages and more- to give the home an active living appearance to any onlookers who you might not want to notice your absence. While at the home, we are also keeping our eyes and ears out for things out of the ordinary. This is an added bonus of having an in home sitter, someone is at the home and might notice that the air conditioner went out, or there was a leak in the kitchen sink- so you dont have a surprise when you come home that you have to deal with.

Should I tip my sitter or walker? If so how much?

Tips are not expected at all. We have our rates set at what they are for a reason. That said, tips are always appreciated and welcome -of any denomination or percentage!